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Noah Erni

2013 Noah moved to Zurich to study Sociology and Philosophy. After finishing his bachelor in 2017, he began to study Animation at the Lucerne School of Arts and Design . He then finished his studies in summer 2020 with his 2d graduation movie "d'Gschicht vom grüene Chääs" ("the tale of the green cheese"). Noah's work is mainly characterized by a dark sense of humor, but also he picks up political themes in his films such as animal rights and environmental protection. 

Studio uuuh! is a young animation studio, located in Zurich-Oerlikon.

We animate frame by frame, analog and digitally. Hand-drawn is holy to us, may it be in animation or illustration. We love the roughness and the details and idiosyncratic characters, which are being created in this process.


Marion Täschler

After an apprenticeship as an Visual Merchandiser/Interior Designer, Marion worked several years as an artist/Illustrator. Exploring her surroundings, searching and collecting objects, pieces of different bodies, the feeling of energy flux (or the trying to feel and see it) of nature using different media as drawing, scanning and photography.

Aiming to find new ways and techniques to tell stories/feelings and convey content, she studied 2D-Animation at HSLU D&K and completed the studies with a bachelor's degree in 2020 with the Short "Alleswasichberühre"

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