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As a vegetarian one gets always confronted with the same question: “why don’t you eat meat?”.  The documentary “Karnivoren” reverses this question for once to four confident carnivores, who are trying to explain, why they are still eating meat. The results of these interviews where taken out of context and formed to an animation short, which is in the end more a statement, then a documentation. 


The movie was made as part of the interdisciplinary modul “Fette Beute” at the Lucerne School of Arts and Design in 2018 and finished in summer 2020.


animated Short


Schweizer Jugendfilmtage 2021

 Upcoming Filmmakers 2021​​

a film by

Noah Erni


David Mägerle, Isidor Happacher


Noah Erni


HSLU Design&Kunst, Modularbeit aus dem Studienbereich IDA 2018   


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